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Put ingenuity and timing on your side with services from our company in Middletown, Pennsylvania. Hill Storage & Rigging Co., Inc. has more than 47 years of experience in millwrighting/rigging and hauling a variety of structures, including:
  • Complete Factories
  • 30,000-lbs. Generators
  • MRI Machines
  • Data-Processing Equipment
  • A 40-Foot Boat
  • 80,000- to 100,000-lbs. Presses
  • Bank Vaults
  • Safety Deposit Boxes
We routinely handle machines from 1,000 lbs. to more than 100,000 lbs., including single machines and full, major manufacturing plants. Plus, our entry capabilities know no bounds, as we move structures from ground-level access, upper-story windows, pits, and mezzanines.
Comprehensive Services
We have developed the proficiencies to handle every step of your move with a wide range of services, including millwrighting, machine moving, crating, heavy hauling, and steel fabrication.
Hill Storage & Rigging Co., Inc. has the expertise and special equipment to disassemble machines for transport or repair. We take them apart, move the pieces, and reassemble them either on-site or at a new location.
Machine Moving
Rigging and moving heavy equipment is our specialty, and we have the resources to transport any number of units. Using winches, skates, jacks, pneumatics, hydraulics, cribbing, cages, and forklifts, we take the necessary steps to ensure a safe and damage-free move.
Our company provides machinery and industrial crating that meets official specifications for any type of transport. Overseas, overland, or slat crates are provided, and we crate your cargo for shipment or transport it ourselves.
Heavy Hauling
Long-distance hauling is included in our moving services. Using the proper weight trailer for the job, we move and haul loads of any shape or size to your destination.
Steel Fabrication
Certain jobs need special equipment and packaging. Following your specifications, Hill Storage & Rigging Co., Inc. builds frames, crates, and other structures for your moving project. Our fabrication meets the requirements of protecting your property during the move.